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She has now come back as a more confident dog

I brought my rescued dog Marley for two-week board and train. She has now come back as a more confident dog who is so much easier to handle.


Laurel P.  // Verified Google Review

Absolutely the best dog trainers!

We now have a dog that we can enjoy even more because we can take him anywhere. We receive comments all the time on how well behaved he is and no one believes us when he says he is still only a puppy.


Liz W.  // Verified Google Review

Off Leash K9 is a phenomenal program.

Off Leash K9 is a phenomenal program. They delivered excellent results & totally dispelled my initial reservations about e-collar training. He’s the same affectionate pup we fell in love with, but he listens! He loves life & we love him.

Lindsey M.   // Verified Google Review

I feel like we can enjoy our pup SO much more!

I just cannot say enough good things about the two-week board and train program!! She’s still our happy, friendly puppy, she just listens now! It’s definitely worth the money! I feel like we can enjoy our pup SO much more now that she listens and I have control of her wild behavior!

Ashley P.  // Verified Google Review

Best trainers in the world!

If you are having issues with your dog you have to use these folks. After one week our German Shepard went from out of control to people asking us if he was a police dog. Best of all my dog could not be happier with a purpose and a job to do.


Darren K.  // Verified Google Review

This transformation is absolutely amazing to see!

This transformation is absolutely amazing to see! The first time we knew that this was really going to work was when we received an update video around day 4. That was the most beautiful moment. We Finally Found Help….and with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!

Pamela B.   // Verified Google Review

amazing trainer!

We have seen our dog change so much over the course of our 8 training lessons. He’s healing like a pro and is reliable and enjoying being off-leash. We didn’t care for two of the trainers we had in the beginning, just would have wished them to have been more confidence in their skills and be more personable. He is an amazing trainer and our dog loves him. Will be booking lessons in the future with him.
Danielle B.  // Verified Google Review

We highly recommend Off Leash K9!

Our trainer was fabulous! Our Quinn (English Springer Spaniel) did wonderfully. It was great how she worked with his personality and our previous training and incorporated it in our lessons.
Glenn P.   // Verified Google Review

Very reasonable price!

We went with the Basic & Advanced obedience package and couldn’t be happier. Great training for a very reasonable price! We worked with several trainers and each was a complete professional. We feel confident in our ability to control our dog in any situation. Not only are we happy knowing our dog is safely under our control but we know he’s happier with the increased “work”. I would recommend this training to any dog owner!
Kristofer S.  // Verified Google Review

amazing job!

Sent our 5 month old German Shepherd pup to the 2 week board and train facility. My trainer did an amazing job, I highly recommend her and the program! Folks constantly stop me and ask about where she was trained and how a GSD puppy can be so well behaved! He has also been super responsive to emailed questions we’ve had since we got our pup back.
Elizabeth J.   // Verified Google Review

worth every penny!

I have never had a dog I could not train myself. Then I got a Dutch Shepherd and found she has fear-reactive issues. At 90#, a fearful dog can be very dangerous. I scoured other training options and the people were condescending and/or their methods ridiculous. Then I found my trainer of Offleash K9 Training. Not only are their methods sensible and well-balanced, they work! The tools (ecollar) and indepth training, plus the fabulous, intuitive trainer have been an amazing help to get my pup and I through this awful stage of her life. These guys rock! Folks, never get an ecollar without getting trained to use it. These guys know there stuff and are worth every penny.
Lynnette M.  // Verified Google Review

We love off leash k9 training!

I can’t say enough about this program. Our golden retriever, Hope went through the 2 week Board & Train program and came back a new dog! That was a couple years ago and we’re still enjoying her manners. I run with her regularly in our neighborhood, with no leash, and have never had an issue. We love Off-leash K9 Training!
Casey P.   // Verified Google Review
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